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This application is designed to demonstrate the use of an ASP Website as a front-end, User Interface for an underlying Optimization Engine. (The User Interface could also have been implemented as a stand-alone executable).

  • The Architecture    The ASP web pages you are using, currently reside on the Optimal Solutions server. Optimization calls are made to an optimization library also resident on the server.
  • The Optimization Model    The Model is a very simple example of a transportation, optimization problem. There is a list of Supplier cities, each with a specified Supply of a particular product, and a list of Consumer cities, each with a specified Demand for that product. For each possible transportation route between a Supplier and a Consumer, there is an associated Unit Cost, which is the cost of production of a Unit at the Supplier city, plus the transportation cost. [The present model requires that Supply be greater than or equal to Demand.]
  • Communication    The Input Data is stored in an XML file for display and to allow users to save them on their local machines for later uploading. The underlying Optimization Model runs a Linear Programming Solver to find the Lowest-Cost shipping solution to meet the Consumer Demand. The solution outputs are also stored in an XML file which the ASP pages then use to draw the transportation map, to produce various reports, and to allow users to download the results.
  • Running the Demo Simply select the "Optimization" menu item. [Do not select the Optimization-->Optimize menu item the first time, so that you may watch the map being populated.] On the "Optimization" page, click the "Optimize" button. You will then see the transport map being filled with Supplier and Consumer cites, and with lines between cites wherever transportation of product occurs. You may click on a city to view its inputs and outputs, and you may go to the "Outputs" pages to view various reports and graphs of the optimized data.
  • Changing Inputs You may change input data on the "Inputs" page [make sure to click the "Commit" button after any changes], re-optimize, then note the new map and results. You are also able to save input and output files locally on your machine, and to reload the inputs at a later date.

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